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artist statement

I am interested in residue. In the creation of residue and the relationship between accident and intention. My work proposes and creates conditions for generative interactions to occur—between viewer and installation, between materials that make up the image, between participants. Where does the art reside? Where is the meaning? Is it in the ephemeral momentary experience or is it in the object itself? One, once passed, is irretrievable; the other, almost an empty sign without gesture. Much like the transformative nature of reading a document, there is a gap in explainability between the digestion and the thing digested, difficult to verbalize or even comprehend.

To highlight this, my work plays with time. It elongates the tiny moments between sensory input and comprehension, between idea and execution. It calls attention to the shadows and the spaces in between, the gaps, the structures and processes just below the surface. Drawing on other disciplines’ research and theories of the phenomena of human life—quantum physics, philosophy, biology, linguistics, religion—it underscores that our ability to use language or systems does not actually create or solidify meaning.

My materials and modes range from large site-sensitive installations using simple materials (glue, thread, acetate) to drawings, performances, and videos. The results are often quiet, often monochromatic, slow, sensitive pieces.

Chien Sauvage, my artist alter-ego, makes more aggressive, loud, activist work about art and labor.